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The Morning Commute-Audio Sounds of Pittsburgh

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Colleen Ferguson (check out her blog here) and I went out to capture sounds around the city typical of a morning travel into the city, follow the journey with our audio clip.


NPR: a narrative of multimedia

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Upon arriving at, the first thing visual to the user is tri-color National Public Radio (NPR)  logo which remains in the upper left-hand corner while navigating through the site. The rest of the page is not particularly colorful but instead features text and a gray and black navigation bar.

The main stories and teasers on the home page all provide text snippets, but also seem to have to bring in a bottom multimedia link for more information. As a whole, the home page appears to provide opportunities for the user to gain part of the new narrative though the additional information.

There are no embedded videos on the home page, which I thought was slightly unusual. Most news site and large online sites usually feature at least one push-to-play video. There are, however, a number of photos that one can click on as the page continues downward.

I wanted to hear more of their audio multimedia, as they are known as being primarily a radio station, so I clicked on one of the home page’s listen now links.

The link opened up a separate media player to hear the audio. I was actually disappointed to see the additional box because it works to seperate the story and the multimedia rather than unite them. I also think that having a photo or short paragraph from the story located next to the audio player would  have helped to remedy this separation.

However, when I clicked on the view full story I found more of the united piece that I was looking for. Again, no video, but the combination of photo and text with a couple of audio options I think presented a good package. It was part of NPR’s political coverage and I also enjoyed the way that the page was laid out.

Social media is embedded with a constantly changing twitter feed and a suggestion bar blog roll for more commentary and information. I like that these elements were included because I think that they are part of the story too. Because politicians are supposed to represent their constituents I think the ideas and comments of the public, as presented in social media and blogs, are a part of the larger political story.

As I navigated through more of the NPR site, I also enjoyed the way that all links opened up new boxes. When I clicked on the view full story, I did lose the previous multimedia player, nor the home page. This made it easy to keep track of everything that I was reading and looking at and not get lost from piece to piece.

I think that the way that having these boxes open throughout my navigation of both text and multimedia helped my reading and news gathering more cohesive and made getting lost and distracted more difficult.

Creative, Invovled Point Park University Student uses her skills to transition incoming freshmen

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Back in Greensburg,Pa. Zoë Alyssa Sadler snapped photographs for a portrait photography studio.

Her creative spirit has continued into everything she accomplishes from her current position as Marketing Coordinator of the Campus Activities Board (CAB) to being a teaching assistant for a freshman university experience class.

Currently a junior advertising and public relations and multimedia double major at Point Park University, Sadler maintains a number of activities outside of her class work and still finds time to enjoy Disney movies and theater with her roommates.

“Overall, Point Park has a creative environment,” she said.

Sadler has utilized the environment creating and promoting events for both CAB and for the Honors Program. She works as the apprentice to the Honors Program Director Helen Fallon sending out communications, coordinating events and being an active member in the Honors Program Organization.

“I like the city environment because there are a lot of opportunities to get involved on and off campus,” she said.

Her involvement has pushed her to become one of three head mentors with the honors program, serving as a guide to them throughout the year-long commitment.

Also spending her time working as an orientation leader throughout the summer and working in the admissions office, Sadler has come in contact with potential students and a variety of new, young students.

“I think it is important to immerse students,” she said, “The college transition is a hard one to make.”

Having made the transition from the suburb of Greensburg into the urban environment of Pittsburgh, Sadler has seen first hand the changes that freshman undergo, while stile keeping her family close. Her older sister attends Duquesne University, and they continue to meet weekly for dinner dates.

Her creativity and friendly personality overflow into her dealings with the younger students, but also help her in her potential career field.

“Photography is a passion of mine and it is partially the reason why I chose to double major in multimedia,” she said.

Wanting to focus on the advertising and creative-planning side of things, she found Point Park’s focused advertising and public relations program a good fit.

Her favorite professor that she has encountered since coming to campus is Dr. Johann Yssel. Despite having a reputation for being a difficult professor, Sadler has enjoyed the challenge in her Ad and PR writing course.

“I am proud of my work in that class and he inspired me to do that,” she said.

Sadler is hoping to graduate next spring and spend time traveling. Originally considering pursuing a short-term career as a flight attendant, Sadler decided instead that she would like to work for a cruise ship.

Her goal is to see some of the world before pursuing a long-term career as part of the creative team with non-profit advertising group.

“I think it is important to be as creative and innovative as possible, because when you are thinking with an open-mind that is when problems get solved,” said Sadler.