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Penguins Update: video project

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It was just announced this morning that another Penguins player, defenseman Zbynek Michalek, will be out for a month with a hand injury. Even with four injured star players, the Pens are currently third in the league. How will the team perform once all the injured players return?

Video by Colleen Nicole Ferguson and Adelyn Lee Biedenbach


Zoe Sadler, Broadcast Spot

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NATURAL SOUND: Photo shutter snaps

BIEDENBACH: Back in Greensburg, Pa. Zoë Alyssa Sadler snapped photographs for a portrait photography studio.

SADLER: Photography is a passion of mine and it is partially the reason why I chose to double major in multimedia.

BIEDENBACH: Now living in downtown Pittsburgh, Zoe is a double major in multimedia and advertising at Point Park University. She continues to fuel her passion for photography as well as her creative spirit.

SADLER: Overall, Point Park has a creative environment.

BIEDENBACH: Staying highly involved on campus, Sadler promotes events for both the campus activities board and for the Honors Student Organization. She also works as an apprentice for the Honors director, Helen Fallon.

SADLER: When I work with Helen Fallon, it’s like Christmas morning every day. She is like my mom at school.

BIEDENBACH: Sadler is also very active with a gorilla-marketing group putting together marketing campaigns and pieces for university events.

SADLER: The Halloween dance is next week at Whim in Station Square and we just finished up marketing for that. We did a commercial with our commercial committee and they finished up last night. We also partnered with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, the dance is with them and we switch on and off with the print materials every year.

BIEDENBACH: In addition to planning and marketing the event. Zoe has also used her creativity to come up with a unique costume.

SADLER: For the dance I’m going to be a Gnome—my friends and I are dressing up like lawn ornaments. My roommate is going to be a flamingo!

BIEDENBACH: With her friendly personality, Zoe also spends her time working in the admissions office, and also committing to a yearlong honors mentoring program. Experiencing first hand the transition from moving away from home, she sees a need to help incoming students become comfortable in their new environment.

SADLER: I think it is important to immerse students. The college transition is a hard one to make.

BIEDENBACH:  Between her high involvement on campus, and work to mentor young students, Zoe has assimilated into the Point Park environment. She plans to graduate in the Spring of 2013 and pursue a career working as part of the creative team with a non-profit advertising group.

SADLER: I think it is important to be as creative and innovative as possible, because when you are thinking with an open-mind that is when problems get solved.







Tuesday in Town

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Point Park University professor Andrew Conte signs copies of his new book “Breakaway” on Oct. 18, 2011.

The first-ever permanent cafe at Point State Park sells coffee, snacks and more.

Point Park Alumni Justin Labar videotapes an interview between sports personality Rob Rossi and professor Andrew Conte on Oct. 18, 2011 in TGI Firidays resturant.


Freshman Andrea Karsesnick gets ready to advertise the Honors Student Organization Pink Feet Fundraiser.


Photos by: Adelyn Lee Biedenbach and Colleen Nicole Ferguson

The above photos are sights that we passed throughout our day in downtown Pittsburgh on Oct. 18, 2011.

NPR’s “Kristin Kimball’s farm” Great Audio, lacking in photo and presentation

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National Public Radio (NPR) is best known for its use of audio in both radio broadcasts, web sound bytes, and music clips. With audio as its most used medium, it is no wonder that the sound in the audio-slideshow I found was superb, while other elements left something to be desired.

While browsing through I found this slideshow entitled “Kristin Kimball’s Farm.” It shows a slice of life at Kristin’s farm, her animals and her lifestyle, with audio discussing her ideas and philosophy.

The length of the piece is only about a minute, which I think may be a little too short to truly be representative. On the other hand though, the short one minute slideshow allows you to quickly take in the story without any unnecessary information. Although the time is short, it feels complete. There are some elements left uncovered but it is packaged in a way that doesn’t make one feel that it has ended abruptly.

The slideshow itself has no narration from a third party speaker; the audio comes solely from Kristin. The quotes from her are meaningful and representative, but I think it would have been beneficial to have several other sources as well. There is no natural sounds, and perhaps some clips of horses or cows might have added to the portrait.

The initial photo features a farm with a gorgeous rainbow in the background. I think this is my favorite part because it immediately grabs your attention, catches the scene and places the viewer with the speaker on the farm.

As the multimedia piece continues, Kristin talks about working with the horses. Several photos of her are shown with the horses, but they are all quite similar. They do not show different scenes or really explain the type of work that they do. It leaves the viewer that is ignorant of farm life guessing.

There are no photo captions, but I do not think they were needed as the words describe the situation.

Also during the description of the horses photos of other animals are shown:

These additional animals and their purpose are  never discussed.

A random reader posted a comment beneath the story saying:

He has a point as Kimball’s audio describes the human nature to be close worth and work with the earth but the photos feature a much more glamourous side of farming. At no point does Kristin seem to be looking dirty or working with the earth. It presents the story but does not visually represent the reality as well as it could.

The audio however presents some meaningful words. Kristin discusses her work on the farm and on the earth as something that makes us feel “satisfied.” It is in her words of wisdom and expression of personal experience that makes me think that this is a successful slideshow, despite its short comings. It shows the reader a snapshot of life and presents a meaningful point of view. With both of those goals being accomplished, I think NPR succeeded with this multimedia piece. It could have been done differently to better show the farm and the truth of work there, but nevertheless I leave the slideshow feeling “satisfied.”

Pittsburgh Great Race Pulls through Campus

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The 34th Annual Pittsburgh Great Race attracted 14,500 runners on Sept. 25, 2011 and beginning in Oakland, ran through Point Park University’s Campus. Students participated in the event both as runners and volunteers as what is known as a “great Pittsburgh tradition” according to Logistics Manager Alex Shamraevsky, passed through campus. This photo slideshow shows some events of the day, highlighting those who passed by Point Park buildings.