One Caffee Freddo, per favore

In Italian Media, Uncategorized on May 13, 2012 at 1:26 am

When in Rome, Sleep is not totally necessary.  I decided it is better to sleep for like, the rest of my life and enjoy as much of Italy (also life) as I can. I woke up early today and went to Mass at a Church near our Hotel. The entire service was in Italian and I didn’t understand a word of it, but it was a really interesting experience. Its funny how you can still understand a message no matter what the language.

The world's most perfect cup of coffee.

The world’s most perfect cup of coffee.

After that, my roommate Mary and I finally gained the best and most important experience of Rome: a morning Cappuccino. We found a little place near where we were staying and enjoyed the perfect morning activity of coffee drinking and Rome people watching. The cars here are fun to spot. I’ve never seen so many SMART cars or little cars in my life. But we also saw a few Ford and American-made vehicles which was surprising to me.

Our plan was to make it back to the Vatican for his weekly Papal address. The only problem was there was just three of us, and so much of Rome. I’ve been pretty impressed with my navigation skills since we got here and have been able to remember exactly how to get back to places we have already been. However, not speaking the language nor really having a fantastic grip on where we are made it hard for us to find new places. That plus four super crowded Rome #40 buses kept us away from our plan.

I wasn’t disappointed though because we still found so many amazing ways to spend our free day in the city. We started just wandering around and came across the coolest toy shop as well as an assortment of museums.  We ventured briefly into an ancient roman architecture museum as well as some amazing memorabilia located in the Altare della Patria or Alter of the Nation.

One thing that I noticed and was interested in was the use of languages in museums. Usually browsing through a museum, people will complain about or grow bored with reading descriptions and signage.  There is often more to read than can ever be read. This may have been the case in some of the places that we went today, but not for us anyways because we cannot read Italian! I’ve never had the experience of not having a clue what I was looking at in a setting like that. It made me think about communications at establishments. Where is the line drawn between communicating to your population and communicating to tourists? How do you decide what is right or what is too much or too little, assuming that the people visiting a museum are likely not locals?

But it wasn’t all historical or educational, we made sure to do some serious shopping as well. After enjoying a “Caffe Freddo” or Iced Coffee with lunch, we checked out a Sephora, some local shops, and back to the grocery store for unique and awesome snacks. We especially needed more chocolate Kinder Eggs, because they are my favorite foreign treat.

Tomorrow we start the media visits bright and early! I was googling some things about the places we are going to visit when I noticed that we are in! Google does the coolest things with their animations and adaptions and I’m secretly really excited that it automatically switched over for me.


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