Viva La Papa!

In Italian Media, Uncategorized on May 15, 2012 at 12:29 am

While today ended up being one of the most inspirational and enlightening experiences of my academic life, it began with a desperate search for cappuccino with Richelle. We arrived near the Vatican city before 9am and were mostly feeling excited, but sleepy.

After racing in and out of little Cafes, Bars and restaurants, and following a man with some empty expresso cups through dangerous Italian traffic, we learned the word “Portoviro” or take away. We utilized this important knowledge to obtain some such needed Roman coffee and start off our unbelieveable day.

We visited the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, the Holy See Press Office as well as the Vatican Newspaper and Radio. Throughout our entire time within the Vatican walls and also in the extraterrestrial territories owned by the Vatican I was completely overwhelmed by the feelings of belonging, competency, and family. I feel so amazingly lucky to have met a group of such talented communicators and journalists. The way in which they are on the cutting edge of technology and work to develop content in languages and messages that reach around the world is sobering.

My favorite part of the day was listening to the Secretary of the Pontifical Council of Social Communications, Monsignor Paul Tighe. I wrote my research paper for this class on their office and its most recent development,, an aggregate of Vatican media content and a web communications tool. Studying their use of social media platforms and multimedia was enlightening, but to actually meet the people putting together these efforts and feel their sense of dedication and knowledge even added another dimension to it.

With the history and widespread nature of the Catholic Church, there is certainly a lot of news in need of dissemination.

Records of the first ever issue, we took a tour of the archives. History everywhere!

Today was like a walk through the way in which this small city state communicates to the world.

We also went into Vatican Radio, where I actually shed a couple of tears in admiration. Ever since graduation, my friends have been teasing me because I haven’t cried at all. But meeting with Shawn Patrick Lovett and seeing his dedication to the Vatican Radio and just to his craft set me over the edge (just a little). From the moment he walked into the room, his pride for his work and knowledge of communications was unmistakeable. He later told us stories about his time there that would warm anyone’s heart. It is always just so cool to see someone who truly loves what they do and so passionately wants to share it with the world.

We also heard so much today about the Vatican’s role in warfare and hard times throughout Europe. The history and interconnection between the radio broadcasts and meaningful communications with the populations of the times was evident and hopefully something that I can look further into!

The crazy thing was that I couldn’t help but think how fun it could be to get involved with the social communications, especially with the quickly developing Twitter and Facebook at the Vatican. Really, tweeting for an institution such as the Vatican requires the same skills as say a Hockey team or a university.  It just requires a passion, good reporting skills and a strong knowledge base of where to begin and continue and search for content for the new media and or social media strategy!

After probably one of the most encouraging days ever considering the future of communications and just thinking about jobs and happiness, we also went shopping. How much better can it get? I bought some magazines in Italian and a pair of shoes from some really cool shoe story. Made in Italy of course!

After that we stumbled upon (without the computer version, like just the actual walking and stumbling) a restaurant near our apartments. I had a traditional Roman pasta dish with bacon and cheese and some Rotta Vino.

Tomorrow is our last day in Rome, but I am so thankful for all of the inspiring people that we have met here, all of the history that just smacks you in the face constantly, and even the gorgeous warm weather and blue skies.


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