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Before visiting the above “most hipster place ever” or Art Attack Advertising Agency in Rome, we began the day like typical Romans should. Mary, Kalea and I had a cappuccino and an apple croissant standing at a bar up the street.  I just can’t understand why everything here tastes amazing. I have never ever liked pastries or desserts, but one bite of anything in Rome and I’m hooked and wanting more.

Our time at Art Attack though was even more delicious than the breakfast. There were so many interesting things I don’t even know where to begin. They walked us in a day through the life of the impact of Italian Advertising (oddly, it starts even at the coffee bar!) and also showed us some case studies of their work. I couldn’t get over how welcoming and fashionable they were. We learned that within the population of 61 million in Italy, there are 25 million smart phones, but the use of social sharing and especially the use of Twitter are developing quite slowly.

They said the most followed person by Italians on twitter was the singer Jovanotti and even he had only almost 1 million followers. Compare that with the millions that American Athletes and Hollywood Socialites enjoy and there alone is a great difference.

They showed us a Facebook application that they designed for Tangled and my social media nerd alert was all over my face! I was so impressed with not only their creative ideas but also the execution of their campaigns. One of the speakers, Andreo Ciuli, talked to us about connecting social campaigns with the real. They held real time street events to promote their cowboys and aliens campaign and even tried to bring the real life onto the social with a social television campaign.

I thought this was crazy amounts of interesting because sometimes it is so easy to get lost in the social side and forget completely that the reason it all works is because of the people who love it and use it. I hope to integrate reality and grounding into social media work!

IS this even real life?

IS this even real life?

Afterwards we had an unbelievable lunch on an outdoor terrace and I spoke with another employee of Art Attack, Matteo Ambrogi. Just in passing I asked him about Twitter and Facebook surrounding sporting events. I never thought about it, but my dream job to work in social communications and new media for a hockey team is entirely based on the suppositions that conversations are constantly happening surrounding it and that people will utilize the online availabilities.  However, Ambrogi told me that although “football” is a huge deal in Rome, not many of the aforementioned 25 million smart phone users ever tweet about the events! This was earth shattering for me, but it makes sense because of the culture and the nature of the sharing habits. I am super curious to watch this unfold and see what efforts the World Cup and the Olympics coming up do internationally to reach social communications surrounding Italian or other European sports.

After that we went to visit La Repubblica, the biggest newspaper in Italy. Their offices were located in the most modern building I have seen since we’ve been here and their technologies, methods and minds matched perfectly. We took a tour and talked to some journalists and web developers. One thing that really stood out for me there was that the publishing company that runs the daily, and its many regional papers, weeklies and magazines also operates its own advertising agency taking outside clients. When I attended an SPJ conference in Michigan, one speaker advocated this practice because journalists know best how to tell stories. The two concepts reminded me of one another and I’m interested in how it works.

After these two visits, we spent an hour or so walking around the Coliseum and headed out for a huge dinner and some wine. We finished up the night driving around Roma and seeing all of the beautiful sights light up at night.


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