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In Italian Media, Uncategorized on May 17, 2012 at 12:34 am

We woke up to our last morning sky in Rome when it was barely midnight at home. With a long day of traveling ahead, I shoved everything super messily into my bag and headed out to Assisi.

Our bus stopped along the way at a rest stop that certainly didn’t look anything like a rest stop I’ve ever seen! Even along a highway, the espresso and cappuccino came in tea cups or coffee cups and were meant to be drank there at the bar and not taken with you!

We spotted a map at the rest stop.  Looking at the United States, Pittsburgh was marked! Not that I miss home at all, it was just strange because I feel like it’s not a city usually marked on a world map. It was also abbreviated “Pittsb.”

After that we arrived at Assisi. Seriously around every hairpin turn the view got more and more unbelievable. It was epically gorgeous and I had to pinch myself all day today to make sure I was still breathing. We checked out the churches of Saint Claire and Saint Francis.

I remember learning about St. Francis in grade school and seeing the three-part church constructed in his honor and the place where he is buried was unreal. The artwork on the walls and the paintings were things I’d seen so many times in books and are so beautiful in person. As long as we have been seeing unbelievable art here, I’m still having trouble swallowing how old these constructions are and appreciating the condition that they are still in.

I’ll never forget our tour of St. Francis and our tour guide, who was from near Philadelphia. (I didn’t have time to ask him if he was a Flyers fan). The whole time we were walking around, he kept asking us to respond to how the place made us feel. I was so impressed to know that they still celebrate mass there!  After the tour I asked him how he ended up there and he talked about realizing that there are more important things in life and that the philosophical and the spiritual are worth dedicating your time to.

It was such an interesting concept. And maybe he is not far off because if you can live in a place that beautiful and spend your days talking about history and art that you are passionate about, how bad can it be?

After leaving Assisi, we ended up in Siena. The living spaces, traditions and churches that we saw there are indescribable. It looked so incredibly “Italy.” I don’t understand how each place gets even more beautiful than the next!

I was also taken aback by the fact that there was a church almost 1000 years old that could make me feel like I was in another time. But just down the street (or hill of cobblestones) was an expensive shoe store and I place where I bought make up. This strange combination of gorgeous history and fashionable present is all around what we’ve seen so far and I love it!

One last bus ride landed us in Florence, where our internet connection is not being so fabulous. We have the day tomorrow at Florence University of the Arts and I’ll have to play photographer. I’m thinking, though, that more than likely the gorgeous scenes around here couldn’t make bad pictures so hopefully my lack of picture-taking skill won’t sneak through.


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