Photographie e’ Firenze

In Italian Media, Uncategorized on May 19, 2012 at 12:39 am

Yesterday was our first day in Florence or Firenze. Immediately you can tell it has a different feel but is still completely Italian.

The majority of our day was a lot like Newton’s Law. That whole object in motion stays in motion, object at rest stays at rest thing. We began walking to the Florence University of the Arts and just kept going and going until we got there. I forgot where that we had a destination and just ended up looking at all of the (as I’ve noticed are just everywhere in Italy) insanely gorgeous churches, architectural structures and fashionable stores.

When we got there we heard a lecture from three photographers: Gary, Jacobo and Piedro. They spoke initially about the history and development of photography and eventually moved on to discuss the current state of the industry and the way in which it is integrated with technology.

One part of the lecture that I found particularly interesting was the discussion of photography in the civil war and the way in which bodies would be moved and images constructed. It was a challenge then to have just one photography to use and took even longer before these photographs could be printed or distributed. Since then it has become so easy to take pictures of anything and everything. Instagram allows a snapshot to be taken and shared in 15 places in under a minute. What’s funny though is that despite all of the advances in technology and their abilty to make photo distribution ubiquitous, we WANT instagram to make our photos look like they came from the Civil War with the antique filters and prints.

We then had lunch at the Florence University of the Arts in a partnership space operated by their event management students and culinary students. It was crazy delicious, but eating a large Italian meal in the middle of the day made me really tired! Its certainly a cultural difference, and also the time when I felt like an object at rest, stays at rest.

After prompted by a force, the objects went to a refurnished monastery to take photos and practice portraits with Piedro of the university of the arts. It was a really cool space that serves as labs and work spaces for artists.

Later in the evening, Kalea, Mary and I wandered back into the heart of town and ate a delicious dinner looking out at the Duomo. It is such a massive and gorgeous structure, we had to spend some time just taking it all in!


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