Symbolism in Firenze

In Italian Media, Uncategorized on May 20, 2012 at 12:39 am

We went on a walking tour of Florence today. Beginning with learning about the Meddici family, we eventually ended up admiring the Statue of David.

I learned that walking around Florence is quite like examining a good poem: symbolism everywhere. From the dates chosen for the opening of events and unveiling of statues to the colors painted on the Duomo, each little piece of the whole has meaning.

The red, white, and green colors both on the Italian Flag at on the beautiful Duomo have several meanings. The red represents bloodshed in the creation of Italy, the green represents nature and fertility and lastly the white stands for the snow of the Alps which separates Italy from Europe. The three also stand for faith, hope and love in the church.

As we were walking around and admiring the statues and the history, I couldn’t get over just how in depth and amazing everything was. We were looking at places and statues made hundreds of years ago. In the museum with the Statue of David were the unfinished sculptures of Michangelo. Aside from being an instrument to demonstrate the way in which these famous works of art were created, they also showed his care and his genius.

When we finally came to David, I was surprised at how stunning it was. As something that many people see their whole lives in books and representations to be looking at the physical statue is disorienting. He was larger and more commanding than I anticipated. It is a piece of art which commands your attention and I’m so excited to  have had the opportunity to see some of the amazing works near as well.

Our tour guide also told us that Florence has the largest amount of art in the world and also the oldest museum in Europe.

After the tour we had the afternoon to explore, shop and eat. It rained for really the first time since we’ve been here, so we took cover in and out of shops and Gelatorrias. I had this frozen coffee drink called a “Café Zero” which was surprisingly like an American icecream or something that you would see at a fair or an amusement park. It was again crazy, as I’ve noticed everywhere that we have been in Italy, to see incomparable art works and architectural structures across the street from modern establishments.

The Duomo of Firenze, which is arguably the most beautiful structure I’ve ever stood next to in my life, is also across the street from an Intimissi and other unexpected stores. I guess this shows the draw of tourism, but it is also representative of another way of living. At home if I am shopping at the mall and I look out the window, I see rows and rows of parking lots. Here in Italy, you can see a church dating back to the 1200s that took over 200 years to construct. No big deal. (Jokes)

At night we had a group dinner at Za-Za (Link here). This is probably my favorite place that we have eaten at so far, it is beautifully quaint and Italian and the food was amazing.


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