Positively Positano

In Italian Media, Uncategorized on May 22, 2012 at 12:41 am

Monday was our last day in Italy:( We spent it in Sorrento and it began with a panel on PR and Tourism in Sorrento and along the Amalfi Coast.  Our program took place at the San’t Anna Institute and I can’t believe how unbeliveably welcoming and helpful they were to us! After leaving they even put together a Facebook Gallery of our visit. We spoke with the creator of a Tourist Train around Sorrento, the people of the Sorrentum Magazine and even officials from the local government. They all had a great number of interesting things to say about tourism to the area and the web and printed tools and materials that they use to pull in these people.

It was neat to know that a lot of this media work is volunteer and is done out of passion for the area and its history and offerings. I can totally understand why, too! We only spent a couple of days there and I fell in love!

But I’m positive that my favorite part of the morning panel program was meeting the journalists from Positano news. Michele Cinque was one of the founders of the online newspaper and brought up a number of really interesting points about their outlet.

Positano news is successful because of the niche market they found in covering local news. They also discuss national news, but that is covered in many other places so the specialization for them is important. They had great stats on the phones and mobile devices that were making use of their mobile applications and they also are one of the only news sources that we learned about while in Italy that doesn’t associate themselves with a political party.

After the morning excursion, we had the afternoon free do do what we wanted. We of course did some shopping but then we found this gorgeous spot. With snacks and Italian magazines, we lounged for a little and tried to take in all of Amalfi and the unreal surroundings.

That night we went to a Tarantella show with lots of food, music and dancing. It was neat seeing some of the Neapolitan dance, especially because I did that in a show a few times when I was younger and I remember wearing those costumes!

It was sad that it was our last day, but I enjoyed our toast on the roof and the way that it didn’t feel quite over yet.


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