More than the seeing of sights

In Italian Media, Uncategorized on May 25, 2012 at 12:47 am

“Certainly travel is more than seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent in the ideas of living,” — Miriam Beard.

I have to agree with the above quote that I’ve been reading off of  a Stila make-up palette. This trip was so much more than just seeing the beautiful places in Italy and meeting professionals in the communications field. It was about getting a larger perspective and integrating other ways of empiricism.

Tuesday was our travel home day. We drove on a bus for around five hours to Rome and then after a nine hour flight we landed in Philadelphia. The first thing I did upon landing was run to Dunkin Donuts for the biggest Iced Coffee ever. While I was sipping in the blueberry sugared goodness I was wondering why. The coffee in Italy was amazing, so much better and so different. But somehow the familiar is comforting too.

One difference that for me was a good microcosm of the whole experience and differences was coffee. I am a coffee addict and I life my life on the run. I’m always sprinting from one place to another with a huge coffee in my hand.  But in Italy, the espresso or Latte or Cappuccino was small and adorable and hand crafted. It always came in a glass or mug that was clearly meant to be drank at the counter or Cafe’. Drinking coffee was a social event, meant to be enjoyable and relaxing. Quite different.

Aside from cataloging the differences in my mind in twitter usage, media funding and even the way journalists become journalists in Italy, I hope that I can take a lesson from this and slow down every now and then. I hope to think more about the media’s function and how communication has similar goals universally.

After the experience in Philadelphia, we made it home to Pittsburgh. The dichotomy of these two cities also reminded me of something that happened in Sorrento. When we were shopping in one of the stores, one of the cashiers spoke really good English. He asked us where we were from and we said Pennsylvania.  His reply was “Near Philadelphia?” and Kalea and my’s gut reaction was no! We explained to him how sports rivalries and also proximity of these two cities make them often in competition with one another. It was cool too because he gave us examples of cities in Italy who feel the same way. Obviously, they are close and share customs, culture and life. But people like to identify with where they are from (and especially that places soccer or, ahem, hockey team)

Well now I’m back in Pittsburgh but I know this is something I’ll never forget:)



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