The Trick & Treat of Tangibility

In Cannes on June 17, 2013 at 11:17 pm

Day Three: Learn by Example

Tweet of the day:

A NEW DEFINITION OF MEDIA: Anywhere Peoples & Ideas Meet.

Cheil Worldwide’s seminar titled “Every company is a media company” featured examples of organization’s campaigns that crossed lines and created change for their products and community. Often taking the digital and connecting it with the real world, the inspiring campaigns here paved the path for all the award winners that I later got to watch at the first night of the Cannes Lions awards.  I attended five seminars and one workshop today and again saw a lot of repeat themes. Today spread my awareness to a number of global agencies and some outstanding campaigns. Watching ones I’d never seen before as well as enjoying some I’d already studied, today was certainly a case study style of day.

FAME SPOTTING: Jack Black made an appearance at the conference today. Luckily, we were second row to get an up close and personal peak at his new show Ghost Ghirls. (Yeah, also Dave Grohl might play the drums in it. So there’s that) But this show will be exclusively distributed online and part of the conversation today went to all of the positives this allows.  For example, other networks may turn down a show or never have an opportunity to air it. Online allows for a totally different style, not to mention direct feedback and metrics from the audience. A deal also granted Yahoo exclusive online distributive rights to show old SNL episodes and skits, positioning itself as an online comedy location.

The #NewhouseIDSM gang got some attention today too! Featured in the Lions Daily News, our group discussed goals and what we were most looking forward to getting out of the festival.

SU featured in Lions Daily News

SU featured in Lions Daily News

Recurring Themes

1.  Narratives, story telling: I heard this first yesterday repeated by Gloria Steinem and others. Many speakers have suggested that the human mind thinks in narrative, and even more today suggested ways to utilize this. BBDO Worldwide suggested three historical figures, who all contribute to what would be ideal story telling and agency makeup. Quoting Ernest Hemingway on the need to listen, Michelangelo and Dickens for his outstanding characters, this seminar showed the need for honest, structured communications no matter what the initiative.

2. Taking the online, offline. What I’ve been noticing in all of the examples is that these two locations benefit each other. Great online content, when taken offline can lead to even greater loyalty. In turn, this offline can drive greater traffic back to the online.

3. Making a change not just in the brand, but the community. A number of the award winners made real change in their communities. Saving lives, effecting legislation, even changing the mind of a nation. Although difficult to execute, payoffs for creation like this can be ongoing and rewarding in so many ways.

Adelyn in Workshopland

My favorite part of today was a workshop with Yonathan Dominitz of Mindscapes. I walked out of this workshop having synthesized what was similar in campaigns and working with a group of other delegates briefly to devise a plan for a sample product. Having just sat through other seminars, the opportunity to converse and participate was refreshing. I spoke with some delegates from Amsterdam, Tokyo and Sao Paulo and our four-country approach created, I feel, a unique and well rounded proposal. Even if it was just a few minutes of brainstorming, we discussed concepts I won’t forget.

The main idea of the workshop was to identify patterns and transform them into thinking tools. We talked about three tools, derived from previous Lion winners and creative campaigns:

  • FIGHT FOR A CAUSE: Instead of focusing a campaign on the brand—create a cause. Include a call to action,
  • SABOTAGE/REMOVAL: instead of adding something, take existing and add. But this suggests let’s take existing system and sabotage it—remove norms and thus provoke.
  • RELOCATION: suggests to take one part of the system and to relocated it somewhere else. Several different worlds: product, media, POS, event, users, etc. challenges us to break the system and to divide. Combining the digital world with the real world: more possibilities.

Culture- Looking forward to China Day at Cannes

A bonus side of awesome that has come with this entire festival is the immersion into other cultures and the ubiquitous array of different languages. When we first got off the plane, Nomi Foster, Sarah Roche and I took a nap on the shores of Cannes. I fell asleep hearing at least four different languages and throughout the week have been exposed to and greeted in many more. Ciao, Bonjour, Guten Tag, etc. I love all of the flavor, background and mindsets of the folks at the festival. All of this being said, I’m excited to attend some events surrounding China Day at Cannes tomorrow.

Specifically I’m looking forward to this event and hearing some different perspectives: How To Reap The Benefits of 1.35 Billion Chinese Consumers

China is one of the most complicated and mysterious markets on the earth. Consumers in China are therefore also complicated and mysterious, not least because their modern consumptive lives are still governed by many traditional or indeed ancient values.

Here’s a cool interactive game I had the opportunity to take a peek (well almost reach a peek) at today:

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 7.05.27 PM


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