A data in the life

In Cannes on June 18, 2013 at 11:07 pm

Day 4: Big Data and Storytelling

Tweets of the day:

Another busy day in Cannes. I started off the day with the introduction and an interesting presentation from a Harvard Professor who specializes in the Chinese market at Cannes China Day. Translating headphones allowed this content to be heard in Chinese and/or English as speakers planned to converse in both.

After that I went to a number of cool seminars, a workshop and a forum.  Here’s some takeways:

The Hero’s Quest

A workshop with Lee Maicon of 360i worked left brain and right brain to show the data driven side of creativity. I think this workshop might have been my favorite part of the conference so far. Big data and analytics and the direction in which it can send strategy are fascinating to me. Huge impacts for all aspects of media as big data is constantly collected around us. In an example 360i used a focus on bacon related content to create a creative and engaging campaign for Oscar Meyer. Combining the skills of harvesting data to paint a picture and then telling the story, 360i’s creativity is outstanding.

One key take away from this was being realistic about the story you are telling. As previous seminars have stated, humans think in narrative. A brand’s story must be told as a solution to a problem or as a campaign. But realistically, this workshop showed that there are only really seven basic stories and 20 plots, jungian archetypes if you will. Utilizing one of these often happens consciously or not, so I enjoy the idea of consciously choosing and building a campaign around one.

Storyline 4: Quest

Storyline 4: Quest

2013-06-18 11.56.49From there we got sample data and a sample solution. Using the data in groups with other delegates, this time with cool people from California, Russia, London and India, we highlighted the most important data. The data translated into our solution choosing an archtype and brainstorming an iPad app to change the mind of football fans. Overall it was an insightful workshop, providing me with a frame work for not only looking at the data in a situation but creatively figuring out how to put it to good use.


Future of Mobile Ads (Game of Cones)

I attended a late afternoon forum with IAB discussing liquid creativity. Technologies for creating adaptable web ads and aesthetic web ads were discussed in conjunction with creative ways to advertise for mobile. I heard from Lincoln Bjorkman, CCO of Digitas, John San Giovanni of Zumobi and Steven Rosenblatt, CSO of Foursquare on up and coming ideas.

We also heard about Foursquare’s Game of Cones: a unique way to bring together current events and geolocation.

Regaurding Big data, truth telling and personal story telling (three ideas that keep happening): Steven Rosenblatt of Foursquare kept stressing the importance of transparency and trust. These two things in a company will cause people to share their geolocation of their own will and partake in the greater story contributing data of their own.

P.S. It's beautiful here

P.S. It’s beautiful here



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