A vindiciation on the risks of creatives and customers

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Day 6: Safety & Risk

Tweet of the day:

A morning session in the Young Lions Zone of the International Festival for Creativity this morning utilized executives from several tech companies to discuss privacy and data.  This is an area I’m really interested in from both a legal and a content strategy point of view. The discussion bolstered some points we heard earlier this week including honesty, transparency and introduced the importance of educating the user on the value exchange. An open agreement allows data to flow from user to company and vice versa. When done correctly, this exchange can be of use to both sides. For example, the company Kiip ( aims to use data to the end of user rewards. Almost approaching a web 3.0 style world where technology packages, anticipates and makes things easier. Big data in this way can be used to help customers by suggesting ads that are relevant or even by storing recent information.

Despite the plusses, I’m not surprised 84% of consumers claim to be concerned about their online & digital privacy. That being said, this morning’s conversation centered on educating both sides on the value exchange as well as being strategic in media strategy. A major take away for me from this was the challenge of cross-platform and browser identification. But despite legal restrictions and the hefty amount of effort needed to plan and monitor, all of the risks are worth it. Consumers’ data needs to be safe and protected, but any company involved needs to protect it’s own interest and it’s relationship with it’s customers.

Speak!, Brand.

A workshop sponsored by Golin Harris aimed to use Social Media Identification games and cohesiveness to discuss successful brand voice. This is another area where brands can choose to play it safe or take risks—as long as there is consistency. We looked at the example of Dr. Pepper 10 as conflicting voice versus McDonald’s I’m loving it, which the speakers felt remained true to its position.

Four Tips for Brand Voice

1. Know Thyself

2. Get Specific

3. Own your differentiations.

4. Consistency Counts

Risk occurred again with a talk from Rem Koolhaus, discussing the debate of comfort vs. creative. Hearing from him was inspirational for sure and the person who followed him also showed great knowledge of his industry.

Tumblin’ Talks

David Karp, CEO of Tumblr at Cannes Lions.

David Karp, CEO of Tumblr at Cannes Lions.

CEO of Tumblr David Karp made an appearance today, discussing some of his favorite Tumblr campaigns and the differences between Tumblr and other social platforms.

I was mega impressed with just how much he loved Tumblr as well as how passionate he was about making it a place for new trends, unrestrained creativity and different types of campaigns. He suggested that brands take a round about approach almost, creating Tumblr’s for characters or campaign aspects instead of overdone or generic brand blogs. Especially with Yahoo’s recent acquisition of Tumblr, I think it’s a social media area with a band of loyal and hooked users. With their passion (and maybe their willingness to take risks) I see it remaining a valuable place to communicate the fun, personable side of a brand or for a person to tell their story.


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