Canning up the #CannesLions

In Cannes on June 22, 2013 at 8:00 pm

Day 8: Final awards and Wrap Up

Tweet of the Day:

Not sure how to put a cap on such an interesting, unique and glorious experience.  Albeit it sounds cheesy, However I honestly feel like Cannes Lions has taught me a lot about not just trends in the industry but also about who I am and the type of career I hope to have. I’ve learned about professionalism and networking and enjoyed spending some time with fellow Newhousers in the South of France.

View from Old Town, beautiful Cannes, France.

View from Old Town, beautiful Cannes, France.

So  22 seminars, 4 workshops, 2 forums, 1 master class, and 1 tech talk later, here’s an attempt to wrap up what I’ve learned:


Favorite Things I attended:

  • The Logic Behind the Magic seminar with Mindscapes discussing creative patterns.
  • Data Driven Creativity with 360i on how to utilize data successfully and turn it into a campaign.
  • Hearing from Conan O’Brien on this personable social campaigns and entirely crowd-sourced episode.
  • Seeing the Innovation coming from Burberry with their global Burberry Kisses Campaign.
  • Watching McDonald’s use communications, social media and honesty to change a brand perception.
  •  Learning about the customer buying culture in China at Cannes China Day.

Favorite side parts of the conference:

  • GOOGLE BEACH, enough said.
  • Getting Mentioned in @HeinekenCannes storify. Also attending their party.
  • Browsing the award winning and nominated campaigns and work.
  • Seeing successful people justly rewarded for their creativity and hard work.
  • Dumb ways to die…
  • Free copies of international trade publications.
  • SU being featured in the Lions Daily News

Best Parts about Cannes:

  • The view from, well, anywhere.
  • The awesome beach.
  • Rose’
  • Hearing so many different languages and seeing so many different cultures in one place.

**Shoutout to the Monoprix, without which most of our group wouldn’t have eaten.

General Trends in Media

  1.   Honesty
  2.   Transparency
  3.  Always innovate, do not accept what’s been done before—trailblaze and be who you are.

When I first heard about this trip upon starting as Dr. William Ward’s instructor’s assistant, I planned to go. I never could have anticipated all that I would see and learn. So also a special thanks to him for letting me know and digging me even deeper into my social media addiction throughout two semesters of being a teaching assistant for his undergraduate Social Media Course as well as the long lasting implications of knowledge and further media passion from this trip.

I just love Twitter @Cannes_Lions #CannesLions 2013.

I just love Twitter @Cannes_Lions #CannesLions 2013.


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