Finally Robotic Beings Rule the world?

In Cannes on June 22, 2013 at 9:09 am

Day 7: How far can technology go: from global kisses to humans needed for creation.

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The book Super Sad, Super True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart takes place in a futuristic world where the fears of big data and hyper technology are true. We are constantly ranked, evaluated and glued to these “aparati” which tell us everything about who we are and our health numbers and ranking. I was reminded of this futuristic world by a number of speakers and topics at the festival today.
From a 3D printed robot who could dance and respond, to the innovative HTML 5 games at the Google Creative Sandbox, it’s no surprise technology is evolving and becoming ever more advanced. Not that I think that these unlikely portraits of extreme technological futures are super likely or likely to be nefarious, but some of the content at the conference today suggested the possibility of the farfetched becoming possible.

I started off my day by visiting the Girl’s Lounge at the beautiful Hotel Martinez. Hosted by Ipsos, the area allows for women to network and interact. I enjoyed visiting and the concept as well, it’s very cool to see women who have become super successful and hold amazing positions in the media industry. It’s another glance into the future of creativity.

I then had way too much fun at the Google Creative Sandbox. The innovative space on Google Beach allowed visitors to try out new HTML interactive games. These games often involved syncing many different devices such as Racer which connected a number of touch screen devices across which multiple players cars would race. The things that can be done and the way game play and even commerce is ever changing can be seen through innovations such as these. The augmented reality game Ingress allows an additional layer on top of real life through the currently android only application and field trip allows you to learn about significant events in history over top of the places you live and visit.

Creativity is here!

Creativity is here!

In the afternoon, I visited three back to back seminars. Beginning with hearing from Heineken who’s duel strategy of placing the global brand of beer everywhere is coupled with local culture and taste brands. It was refreshing to see this company, as well as Burberry later, who both have lengthy and rich histories to be so keen to innovations and changes.

Humans: Maybe still needed for Curation.

A presentation from Lowe and Partners coupled with wire really dealt with the future with a number of examples of technological changes and borderline eerie advances.

The above idea for Scanadu provides Super Sad, Super True love story-esque accuracy and monitoring of personal health. While the advance could be amazing in preventative care and even assuring efficiency in hospitals by advising when emergency care is needed and when it is not, the technology can still be a bit jarring at first. Like most rapid advances, the helpfulness will outweigh but I can’t help but shake off a little bit of scifi in the process.

The speaker suggested that robots will eventually be able to do it all leaving humans with the role of curating, approving and value layering over. Narrative Science creates generated news stories and while the information may be pulled from many sources it is still lacking human touch. I don’t know how far it will go, especially when Big Data can tell you every place I’ve foursquare checked into in the past few years (over 2000 in case you were curious) But I do know it will be an interesting ride filled with innovations that need to be adopted and will likely begin to feel normal.


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