The Powers of promoting #Local

In Community Management, Social media, Sports Media on July 17, 2013 at 8:40 pm

Passing through the Syracuse airport about a month ago, a friend of mine began discussing how she liked airports that showed local flavor. Syracuse recently installed local coffee chain, Cafe Kubal  which gives you a Syracuse, NY flavor when coming and going. Event venues, festivals, malls etc. seem to be utilizing local more and more. The Consol Energy Center in my hometown offers the Pittsburgh infamous Primanti Brothers sandwiches and local Nakama Sushi to hockey fans and concert attendees. I think that this trend of having local flavor not only improves the experience, but can play a huge role in social media as well. From strategic partnerships to pulling in more volumes to your event choosing and promoting local is the right way to go.

Local Community Management

The Walden Galleria in Buffalo has a localized LUSH page for their specific store allowing them to do promotions and manage a community of frequent customers.

The Walden Galleria in Buffalo has a localized LUSH page for their specific store allowing them to do promotions and manage a community of frequent customers.

Many global companies nurture local twitter accounts, hashtags, and Facebook pages providing targeted content and scaleable one on one communications with frequenters of a particular store. LUSH Cosmetics is a favorite company of mine with an innovative social presence. I’ve watched them bounce back from social crises gracefully on their international main account based out of Vancouver,B.C. and also am an avid watcher of a number of local community and store pages. I think managing pages like these have many perks not the least of which being a chance to better get to know the customers at one specific store and in turn laser focus your advertising content or even store merchandise.

The Power of Promoting local on main social channels:

Because isn’t it all about fan experience or customer experience anyways?

  1. Unique flavor provides competitive advantages: Whether the name of your game is to pull in an entirely new fan base or continuously please a faithful one, promoting and playing up a local business or food provider can be a game changer. Tweet about that local product or craft that will be on display at your event.
  2. Leave an impression with visitors and passersby: A sunny summer Sunday morning in Pittsburgh can hold many visitors who made the trip to watch their team take on the Pittsburgh Pirates. I saw many New York Mets fans wondering around Station Square yesterday as the teams completed their weekend series. And this is by no means uncommon for any town with pro sports. Incorporating sharability such as badge for your local in-house food vendor, or even an instagrammable photo opp or hashtag can allow visitors to have a memorable social interaction with your event AND that local experience. This can translate to WOM excitement or even just building a loyalty that they will want to return to your city or your event.
  3. Strategic Partnerships, mutually beneficial sponsorships: While it’s clear that corporate partnerships and new business relationships are crucial to the success of any large scale venue, revealing and utilizing these partnerships in the social space can bring new success. Sponsoring or promoting a special of a vendor on a main team’s account is an example of mutually beneficial content creation.

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