Using player statistics for Content Creation: #PinnedIt

In NHL, Social media on August 16, 2013 at 6:23 pm

Inspired by an info graphic I saw today on the Colorado Avalanche‘s Facebook page, I realized that teams are missing out on a huge opportunity in content creation. If you have a player-focused communications strategy, meaning you have stars that people connect with or scoring leaders with impressive season stats, there may be a number of ways to create viral social content out of them.

After signing a 7 year extension with their young captain, the Avalanche created an infographic of his most impressive stats.

After signing a 7 year extension with their young captain, the Avalanche created an info graphic of his most impressive stats. (source: Av’s Facebook page)

Not all teams can benefit from highlighting a player as above. For example, in the Minor Leagues, stars come and go and the backbone of your team can change at any moment. But in markets with Stars who get a lot of attention, ahem Lebron James, number minded or winning-focused fans will be engaged with an overview of that athlete’s successes.

A word about Platform

While I really like what the Avs did with this info-graphic: timely, well-researched, etc., I think that Facebook was not the right place for it. This is because it is not as easy to see all of the detail and because Facebook is more quickly digested, meaning people don’t always take time to appreciate the visual as much as they do on Pinterest. More and more sports organizations have been taking to Pinterest recently for competitions, user-generated content or other visual appeals. Because I think infographics about almost anything work great on Pinterest, I think infographics about stats can be a huge source of content creation for sports organizations.

Here’s why you should pin some infographics about your team, player, or top line: 

  1. Highly Shareable: It’s a quick repin or repost & absolutely eye catching.
  2. It’s Informative: News stories about a team or box scores have short shelf lives, the next game will be tomorrow. But stats that are long term, or career-based, highlight-based can inform your fan base. An informed fan base can be a more loyal fan base, proud that their team holds certain records or boasts certain successes.
  3. Bragging Rights: Let’s be totally honest here. All a fan really wants is the ability to show that their team is better and “here’s why.” Give them those nuggets of bragabilty in a quick shareable form and it might just draw traffic to your sight.
  4. Help with short-term ticket sales: This one might be a little bit of a stretch, but I feel that if done correctly, statistics that do have a shelf life or show how well a team is doing could catalyze last minute ticket purchases. If you are a team like my hometown Pittsburgh Pirates, a brief winning streak can attract sales on a short-term scale. Quantifying and sharing these statistics can draw in the more casual fan by showing them that there is something worth seeing live, something they want to be part of NOW.



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