Four ways Moe’s is seizing the MOEment in Food & SoMe

In case studies, multimedia, Social media on September 15, 2013 at 6:08 pm

*Confession: Moe’s has been my comfort food of choice since freshman year of college. A home-wrecker or an overachiever were always my study fuel of choice and their queso remains one of my favorite snacks. Fandom removed, I still think Moe’s has mastered the art of fast food social engagement.*

Four Ways the food chain is seizing the MOEment of digital communication: 

  1. #WelcomeToMoe’s: It’s basic customer service right? To greet your customers as they come in the door and make them feel welcome is surely part of any restaurant’s guidelines. But Moe’s became known for it. After customers began associating their trip to the grill with the shouted out “WELCOME TO MOE’s” greeting, they took it and did something even better. They branded it as their hashtag. Aside from being on the materials, easy to remember and easily monitored, #WelcomeToMoes seemingly embodies their brand strategy conveying welcome and simplicity. They could have gone for just #Moes or any number of options but choosing to be all inclusive with their greeting gives them simplicity and more 8,000 user submitted photos and videos on Instagram.
  2. Direct Response to Customers: Moe’s has full on conversations with their fans on Twitter. I often see them respond or reshare something a fan said. I’ve had a few conversations with them myself:
    It's not just Moe's that does this. But whenever you brand has a chance to be responsive and engaging, take it!

    It’s not just Moe’s that does this. But whenever you brand has a chance to be responsive and engaging, take it!

3. Fan Featured Contests: The #MoesFamousQueso campaign ties to a tangible event (Free Queso Day) and offers fans incentive to submit user generated content that could be featured in-store on items. One mistake a lot of restaurants and stores make is holding campaigns and contests that are purely digital, when bringing you into the store has to be one of their goals. Moe’s pairs a real event with a digital submission, with a call for you to come back AGAIN and see the winners. MoesQueso

4. Moe’s Instagram: Also in the restaurant business, although at a different price point, the Cheesecake Factory has an Instagram account with more than 16,000 followers. But their grams are pretty standard. Just the usual shot of a cheesecake or a cocktail. It almost looks like menu photography. Moe’s account currently only boasts about 3,000 followers, however in contrast their content is 100% original and crazy. Every now and then you will find a shot of the food (because after all that is what it is about) but they have found new and exciting ways to create photos as well.  

Loyalty has to be a goal, along with sales, in a company’s decision to support and occupy social channels. In my opinion content like the below two screen shots make me excited about a brand that basically sells burritos and salsa. This is what winning in digital media for a food brand looks like in Sept. 2013 in my opinion. 

Take a look at these (From Moe’s Instagram) :


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