Three reasons Sir Ian is my favorite #SocialCeleb

In case studies, Social media on October 8, 2013 at 1:21 am

When most people think of celebrities, I’d venture a guess that the image they conjure is a young starlett tweeting about shoes before she ends up in the headlines. But all types of famous people from athletes to authors to politicians are taking to social media.  You don’t need me to tell you about the dangers and fine lines such personalities must walk with their every move under scrutiny and eternal fame lying in wait for the scandal or mistake.

While some celebrities use an agent or PR staff to tweet for them, most go at it on their own. Sir Ian’s Facebook claims to be “Maintained by Sir Ian’s official webmaster, Keith Stern.” But I think it so accurately represents what I would imagine his personality to be. And his Twitter, nothing he posts passes without being awesome.

Back in 2009, I told people I liked Twitter because of it’s ability to allow the world to feel a little bit smaller, to allow for personal interaction with one’s favorite brands and celebrities.  This is a dynamic I think we’ve started to take for granted. I don’t know where I would be without my daily update from everyone’s favorite wizard, Ian McKellen.  Yes, I’m a fangirl, but also I think there are a lot elements from Sir Ian’s social that all other personalities could incorporate for success.

Three Reasons Sir Ian is the best celebrity to enjoy on Social Media: 

  1. His status updates have prompted this Buzzfeed about Friendship that brings tears to everyone’s eyes:

why it’s awesome: It’s real, it’s memorable, it’s communicative of his personality without being dramatic of flashy. It just is who he is.

2. This photo:

From Sir Ian on Facebook

From Sir Ian on Facebook

Why it’s good: Well I mean look at it. Its Gandalf, preparing for battle.  But really, its behind the scenes. It’s an eerie behind the scenes moment for all fans of the movie. Preparing for a memorable, epic scene. This is what winning looks like in behind the scenes content. Celebrities who have access to share developmental moments or day in the life content show their fans something they can’t get elsewhere.

3.  He shares content from his own projects.

Not enough celebrities really take advantage of Twitter as a promotional platform. You see many famous personas who just use it for personal communications and conversations and the occasional travel pic, but I think Sir Ian has found the right balance of promotion and content that make it an interesting account to follow. He almost breaks news about the Hobbit and covers it the way an entertainment account would.


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