FACEBOOK is Down? Here’s what happened next

In Live Tweet, Social media, social tv on August 1, 2014 at 4:52 pm

So much a normal part of the social, digital life, many of us check Facebook several times a day. If content marketing is your job, you probably invest even more than that watching your demographics, feeding the beast and strategizing ways to drive web traffic, communicate your brand and more.

And so what happens when all of a sudden–it’s not there?

Well first, Buzzfeed is sad:

and then, 45,000 tweets:

Some find creative ways to describe the situation:

Or direct traffic to other outlets:

But, it looks like for the digital and social world, one thing is universally true:

Most people headed straight to Twitter. Admittedly, I checked just how far the outage spread by searching “Facebook down” in my HootSuite stream.

It looks like Facebook is back now, but here’s a few quick observations:

1. The fact that everyone jumped to Twitter suggests that digital is a HABIT, regardless of the platform. The Chatter continued, just somewhere else.

2. Mistakes in real-time social do not go unnoticed. Tweets at Facebook happened faster than blinks. The world reacts quickly when something goes wrong.

3. Back up your content. Have a plan and a schedule where demographic information and other data is stored.


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