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I’m not Lion, these guys are innovative.

In France on June 15, 2013 at 9:06 pm

Day 1: Festival Registration and Innovation Award Pitches

Tweet of the day:

The festival doesn’t really take off until tomorrow, but no body told us that. We started the day with breakfast at the hotel (and a view sans-complaints) and headed over to festival registration. After getting some swag bags and fancy identifying student delegate badges, the #NewhouseIDSM crew got acclimated to the area and set up of the conference center.

We also got some Cannes of commemorative coke (Say that 5 times fast) featuring Coca Cola, the winner of creative marketer of the year at Cannes 2013.

Sarah, Nomi and I enjoy our Cannes themed Coke, a tribute to the winner of marketer of the year (Cannes Lions 2013).

Sarah, Nomi and I enjoy our Cannes themed Coke, a tribute to the winner of marketer of the year (Cannes Lions 2013).

A Innovation Lion is one of the award categories of the conference designed to reward technologies and innovations. For the first time in the festival’s rich history, the early parts of the conference featured these pitches and short presentations open to all delegates and attendees of the conference. Sitting in one of the rooms of the legendary Cannes Palais des Festivals et des Congrès we were fortunate enough to hear some intensely innovative and technologically experimental ideas.

Some Cool Observations

Marketing with Purpose was the message of the first presenter we heard from. Draftfcb Cape Town made the case for a Fireblanket calendar which served as marketing and communications piece, but also a much-needed tool to the fire prone areas of South Africa. Shack fires present a serious and omipresent threat there, claiming lives frequently. DraftFcb proposed this calender designed carefully to be entirely inflammable and to be a readily available tool to snuff fires should they occur. Their implementation strategy included education in the areas on how to use as well as clear info graphics included at the bottom of the calender.  I enjoyed this concept because while blankets cater to a specific issue, the idea can be replicated in many areas of need. Finding creative ways to spread messages while also providing materials that can be useful in some sort of aid or restoration is a best of both worlds communication. It reminds me of P&G’s efforts to create cleaner water on a not for profit basis. While these approaches are surely innovative, it is a different way of looking at things either as an activity supplementary to a company’s operations or incorporated into their message and operations.

PZU drive is an agency response to a company problem in Poland. In Poland, car insurance is entirely regulated and because of this many citizens view it as a tax or an embedded service. There is very little incentive for customers to purchase beyond the legally required minimum and therefore the industry is in a strict price war. PZU drive, however, is an added layer. By collecting mass data and using a super interesting technological program, the drive can tell when your car is about to breakdown or have issues. This added layer helps with safety and maintenance. In creating this advance and useful tool and making it part of the insurance industry, the product has the potential to redefine the market perspective. While their piece of technology was by itself interesting and innovative, the approach was cool too. It reminded me of the changes that will inevitably be undergone in the healthcare industry in the US soon. When a service reaches regulation, a marketer can create added value, a way to differentiate and compete on more than price or expectation.

The third thing that really caught my eye today was the Tech Ball. Created in conjunction with SapientNitro, this ball has undergone many changes of material and approach to be a soccer ball with a goPro and other video recording/broadcasting technology inside. With the ability to take footage and currently undergoing testing to be able to live broadcast that footage, this could entirely revolutionize the way soccer is watched and the way calls are made. This could mean amazing things for fans of the game. While Hockey is where my interest and passion lies, I understand fandom and the common complaints of how sports are less exciting on TV when compared to live. This entirely new way of getting into the action could be a game changer and just all around good time. From behind the scenes looks to just generally amazing content, the Tech Ball has a lot of potential to change it’s own sport and influence the change of others.


On Tomorrow’s Agenda:

Some awesome Seminars. Including the London Olympics (!!!!!!) &

photo via Celebs got news

This Guy, photo via Celebs got news