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My First On-Demand Geofilter

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The hardest part about launching an On-Demand Snap Geofilter is the graphic design. I only spent about three seconds on mine, but if you can google map your way to a destination, you can launch your own filter.

It took me all of 10 minutes to mock up a super quick design in photoshop using the provided template, geo-fence an area, choose a time frame and go live!

It was just a few weeks ago that Snapchat announced their new On-Demand Snap Filters.

The process is designed to get your custom filter up and live as quickly as a Facebook campaign. You just need your snapchat log in and a credit card. Follow the posted guidelines, and your cost is based on how big of an area you want your filter to cover and how long you want it to stay up.

This was a GENIUS move from Snapchat. During the Super Bowl, it was heavily publicized that sponsored filters could set you back huge $$$. The International Business times reported upwards of $750,000.  Obviously this closes many small businesses, local festivals, etc. out of the race. Of course you can launch your own community filter, or enter a licensing agreement with snapchat for a more permanent filter for your location or business. But this quick-launch style feature allows Snapchat to rake in easy cash and will forever change weddings, huge birthday parties and small businesses snapchat strategies.

Their advertisement positions the on-demand filters as a great birthday gift:


  • Plan ahead to ensure your filter goes live when you want it to. I received this confirmation email only a few hours after purchasing. It was scheduled to go live at 9, but I didn’t notice it until around 9:15, so give yourself a cushion from when you really need it.
    Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 10.35.58 AM
  • Focus on your design. As you can see, mine was tossed together quickly just as a test, but spend the time creating the image you want. Be mindful of not including photos, and avoiding any copyright mess ups.


  • Don’t cover too much of the screen with your design. Think about what the font of any text will look like on a background and think about the user experience of discovering your filter.

ALSO, my filter is only live in my garden for today, but it only cost $5 for 9-5 p.m. just in a small area. Give it a try and build your own filter today.


Brands celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

In case studies, multimedia, On the look out, Social media on March 17, 2014 at 9:28 pm

Some people may argue that St. Patrick’s Day is a made up American holiday, and others will argue that everyone is just a little bit Irish today. No matter which way you look at it, it’s a conversation and a holiday that your brand can’t ignore. showed that some variation of the holiday was trending across North America on Monday:

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 5.50.06 PM

Here’s some awesome “Green” activations I noticed today:

Food Brands


Fashion Brands


A ‘Green’ Excuse for a sale:

Some brands took organic approaches and others (like Arby’s) boosted their efforts a bit. Marketers and SoMe mavens—Which would you go with? How into this holiday does your brand need to be in order to make ad spend worth it?

#NationalCoffeeDay– How brands bridged tangible & online

In On the look out, Social media on September 29, 2013 at 5:34 pm

It’s trending in Miami and tons of brands are jumping in on it. National Coffee Day is a holiday I can certainly get behind, but some brands (especially large coffee chains) are utilizing the traffic brought about by the hashtag and the digital push for the holiday that seems to be bringing people tangibly into their stores.

The results of a standard Twitter search for #NationalCoffeeDay.

The results of a standard Twitter search for #NationalCoffeeDay.

Halloween (32 DAYS!) is an example of a standard holiday most people are familiar with and celebrate. While brands and stores often search for tie ins for more traditional holidays, the digital age has opened up the opportunity for fabricated holidays to achieve widespread recognition.

National Coffee Day is Sept. 29, everyone knew that right? Of course not. Without seeing the trend on Twitter, I’d place a bet that 85% of people on Twitter never even thought that was a thing.

The All Alabama blog published a quick brief this morning stating that national coffee day has “No history, No tradition” but you are able to cash in on it.  Positioned by most media as a chance to snag a free cup of coffee, National Coffee Day is just another example of the ability of Social Media to drive and even create commerce.

Brewin’ up hype

@Caribou_Coffee above mentions that you can get a free cup of coffee “in honor of” the holiday. A holiday you didn’t even know existed until you read that tweet, but now you are determined to celebrate.  Trust me, if I lived in a state with the ‘Bou I’d be there so fast. Although I’d probably get an apple blast. And therein lies another benefit. Called to the store because of a free promotion, this hashtag channels the power of traditional coupons expecting customers to come into the store for one offer with chances being they’ll go for other things as well.

Because of the viral nature of hashtags, Brands can create immediate calls to action. Similar to the way the Macy’s Three Day sale traditionally has created newspaper ads compelling people to purchase immediately, creating a sense of urgency, National Coffee Day creates a social media urgency. An artificial rush is created, and most of all, it’s fun.

When doing consulting (which I do very little of but still some), I advise small companies or beginning brands to join in on large conversations. For example hashtagging the game and jumping on conversations around College Football in Syracuse are one way small businesses in Syracuse, NY can get digitally noticed. The same principal applies here as companies jump in on the conversation and gain attention, followers and business because of it.

Get it while it’s hot– Other brands benefit from the snowball

PBS is one of the top tweets that comes up in a search. Though certainly not an authority on coffee, they are an authority on history and on public ongoings, their choice to jump into the hashtag with information was a wise one.

But I think the most brilliant thing about National Coffee Day is the ease of which a digital hashtag and hype can translate to getting people tangibly into stores. Sitting in Barnes and Noble right now, I haven’t picked up any free coffee yet. But it’s such a simple call to action to provide the urgency: “ITS TODAY ONLY.”

Moreover, I love observing the power that social media has to not only create and push a non-holiday but to drive loyalty and build brand connections by taking this concept of celebrating the ordinary and creating offers around digital buzz.

Anyone getting some free coffee today? Spy any creative ways brands are cashing in on the hashtagged occasion?


Also this happened:

Spotted: 5 creative examples of countdown posts.

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With just 45 days until the NHL season begins, countdown posts are becoming ubiquitous. One larger goal of social media for sports organizations is to remind and engage, all the while cultivating the excitement and emotion in their fan base. A reminder post can be a call to action push for ticket sales or just a loyalty boost sharing joy to fans looking forward to the upcoming season.

That being said, I think the “Countdown” post is a fine art. In the coming weeks, my newsfeed and yours will be filled with them. If you are in a content creation rule for a team, I’m sure it is a challenge to come up with new and fresh ways to achieve these goals via social.

Here’s some creative countdown posts I’ve seen recently. These teams have done an awesome job of showcasing their team’s tone while creating shareable, countdown content.

Creative Countdown Social Content:

1. Grand Rapids Griffins. – Historical Facts

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 9.17.46 AM

2. Buffalo Sabres– Hidden Number

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 9.31.38 AM3. New Jersey Devils— Create a number

2013-08-14 11.33.49

4. Portland Pirates– Utilize those jerseys!

2013-08-19 09.02.52

5. Socchi 2014— Torch Countdown: Landscape Shot.

2013-08-19 09.04.45

I think it’s important to note also, that I’m excited about all of these things and that factors into my enjoyment of them. Fan motivations in sharing or commenting or liking should be a thought when creating social media content. Measuring the engagement after a post can help evaluate if it was successful or not. However, if  a team, event or organization knows its fan base, the above content will be just enough to remind and excite.